What to do in Ukraine in winter?

What do you associate with winter? – Cold? Snow? Dressed up as a cabbage? Do you want to stay warm and think winter is the most unsuitable season for travel?

“You are a complete bore!”- I will answer you. Only one thing you have to understand how, actually, you can entertain yourself?

So what to do in winter? 

Top 5 activities that will bring you a lot of positivity and fun.

  1. Skiing/snowboarding is always in the mountains, where are the views are incredibly amazing. It’s a “must” to visit the ski resort “Bukovel”, there are many national cafés and restaurants. In the mountains you will be treated to mulled wine and banush*.
  2. Vats – At the beginning of the 21st century, this trend “boiling” in a VAT of cast iron on an open fire under the open sky was started in the Carpathians. Of course, if you do not know this procedure, it’s a little scary to sit in a vat in the swimsuit when you see that under it is the blazing flame of the fire, but believe me, it’s really exciting and worth doing that.
  3. Snowmobiling, dog sledding and horse riding – all this can also be done while you are in Western Ukraine. You will not only enjoy the beauty around, but also will improve driving skills of a particular type of transport.
  4. Skating. Yes, now it is absolutely not a problem to skate any day any season, but, believe me, when the people with red cheeks are circling around, you hear the laughter of fun, Christmas music, see the decorated New year tree and plenty of flashlights around – it is the best atmosphere for riding by skates. One of the favorite places is the exhibition center in Kyiv. For several years in a row, this place is a center for all winter events.
  5. And finally, let’s give the freedom to emotions – you can always fool around and remember a childhood – battle with snowballs, sculpting snowmen or just make an ” angel” – all these are simply and can be done anywhere during the winter, this will make you distracted for a moment and smile, and maybe not only you.

These actions have some consequences such as a smile for all 32 teeth, a full positive charge for the whole week after you will have completed one of these steps from the list and endless love with this season and this country.

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Have a good day and plan your vacation now!



* Banush (banosh, tokan) is a Ukrainian traditional dish, porridge of corn flour cooked in cream or sour cream.